Payment Methods


You have the following payment options when shipment destination is within Germany, within the EU, or in Switzerland:

- Payment in advance via bank transfer
- Payment by credit card (only with 3D secure)
- Payment via PayPal (resp. PayPal Express)
- Payment via Skrill (eWallet and also via Skrill Direct)
- Payment via Giropay (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)
- Zahlung via Sofortüberweisung (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)
- Payment via EPS Netpay (selectable via Skrill)
- Payment via iDEAL (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)
- Payment via Carte Bleue (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)
- Payment via Dankort (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)
- Payment via Postepay (selectable via Skrill / Heidelpay)

When selecting payment via credit card, your credit card is charged as soon as the product is being shipped. If you have any questions, get our contact details from the Legal Notice.


Bank Transfer in advance
This is the classic payment method. You transfer the total amount invoiced onto our German bank account (via IBAN and BIC). After receiving your payment we will dispatch the shipment.


Credit Card
Be it Visa or Mastercard - You can rely on using one of the most widespread, secure, and convenient payment method when shopping with us. We only accept credit card payments which support the latest security measures (such as 3d Secure). Due to the prompt confirmation of your payment to us, shipment is being dispatched immediately. Payment via credit card is being realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


PayPal is the state of the art online payment method which is secure, convenient simple and, best of all, free of charge. A prerequisite is a PayPal account which you can also create during the ordering process. In order to be able to use a PayPal account you will have to transfer money into that account in advance - just like with any other prepaid payment method.


Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) makes your money transfer simple and secure: You can send and receive money via E-mail - to any other E-mail address. Your data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Transactions take place instantly. In order to be able to use a Skrill account you will have to transfer money into that account in advance (e.g. via bank transfer, credit card, GiroPay etc.).


Giropay is an Internet payment System in Germany, based on online banking. This payment method allows you to buy securely on the Internet using direct online transfers from your bank account. Money is transfer within the online banking system of participating banks. You do not have to create an account. It is sufficient to own a bank account with one of the participating banks: List of banks participating in Giropay. The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


SOFORT Banking is an online direct payment method and works on the basis of tried-and-tested online banking. The big advantage is: You don't need to register or open a virtual account, known as a wallet. It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds. Customers who select SOFORT Banking as their preferred method of payment for an online purchase will be directed straight to the secure payment form. All transfer data is carried over automatically so that you only need to enter your bank's sort code along with your usual online banking login details and finally the confirmation code in order to authorise the transfer. All information delivered to your bank in an encrypted form. The online merchant receives confirmation of the transfer order in real time and can dispatch the goods promptly. This means there's no waiting time before the goods are sent, as is the case with payments in advance (by means of a bank transfer) for example. You can use SOFORT Banking with the online current accounts of most banks. What's super practical: the payment form of SOFORT Banking lets you search for your bank. The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


EPS Netpay
The eps Online-Überweisung is the easy and secure online payment method of Austrian banks for e-payments in online shops or E-Government! It is based on the online-banking of the buyer's bank and enables a simple and secure processing of e-payments over the internet. The buyer can immediately pay with eps Online-Überweisung without any additional registration since the payment is processed over the familiar and trusted buyer's bank online-banking. The payment has to be authorized by the buyer with a known authorisation method (e.g. by SMS/mobile TAN or digital signature). The payment is realised through Skrill.


iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking. In order to use iDEAL, you need a Dutch bank account which supports iDEAL. When using iDEALyour payment will be securely transfered to our account instantly. The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


Carte Bleue
Carte Bleue is a major debit card payment system operating in France. Unlike Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards, Carte Bleue allows transactions without requiring authorization from the cardholder's bank. In many situations, the card works like a credit card but without fees for the cardholder. The system has now been integrated into a wider scheme called CB or carte bancaire ("banking card"). The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


The Dankort is the national debit card of Denmark. Today it is usually combined with a Visa card and functions as a credit card abroad. You can pay with your Visa/Dankort in practically all shops and withdraw money from all banks and ATMs. Furthermore, you can use the card for teleshopping or online payments. Supported by the Visa network , you can use Dankort in a worldwide scope. Dankort offers a high level of security as it is a hybrid card with both the magnetic strip and an embedded chip. The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.


Postepay is essentially a reloadable prepaid card service that is branded with Visa Electron or MasterCard and operated by Poste Italiane in Italy. Postepay cards are accepted wherever Visa Electron and MasterCard are supported. When a shopper makes a payment, funds are immediately deducted from the card. A shopper does not need a bank account to have a Postepay card. Acquiring a Postepay card needs only a few mouse click and recharging it can be done in various ways, offline and online. The payment is realised through Skrill or Heidelpay.