Panda Dome is one of the most popular and effective virus protection programs worldwide and also offers its users some practical features. The software was developed for PCs and mobile devices, but Mac protection is also available.

Quickly installed, easy to use

The Panda Dome program can be installed on the computer, tablet or smartphone within a few minutes and impresses with its clarity and intuitive operation. Even computer beginners will usually find their way around the program very quickly. The software is automatically updated on a regular basis so that it can react to the very latest threats from the Internet at any time. A competent support team is available to users of the program if they have any questions and can be reached at any time via all common communication channels.

The most important features

Panda Dome offers its users real-time protection for all known and unknown threats from the Internet. The program protects any type of network from malicious access by botnets or hackers. When shopping or carrying out financial transactions, Panda Dome offers perfect identity protection and covers all traces on the Internet. In addition to classic viruses, the program also protects against spyware, ransomware and phishing emails. Last but not least, the program is equipped with a very useful tool that can be used in   emergency situations to clean the   PC or mobile device and restore all important data.

Additional features

In addition, Panda Dome offers two additional features. On the one hand, the program has family protection, so that the offspring can only see what they are supposed to see. In addition, the software offers the possibility of optimizing various work processes as well as the main memory, so that many computers run significantly faster again after a successful application. Panda Dome is developed by Panda Security, a multinational company headquartered in Spain. This has been on the market for many years and specializes in the development of IT and security solutions.